Friday, February 20, 2009

Running Contacts for Dog Agility by Ali Roukas Canova

This video will teach you all you need to know to teach your dog how to perform fast, consistent true running contacts. In Ali's method your dog will learn to not break stride while performing contact obstacles, thereby saving you precious time on course. Ali s secrets for successful running contacts can be yours with this comprehensive video.
Customer Review: Great DVD
Detailed explanation - clear, precise and easy to understand. All exercises broken down step by step and demonstrated with different dogs of various sizes and breeds - also with a lot of helpful tips on troubleshooting.
Customer Review: Excellent
Excellent DVD. Exercises broken down and explained clearly. The running contact method requires a lot of work but hopefully will be well worth it.

Dog food is very important for your dog's health and it is important that you chose the right food to feed your dog. Puppies need different food then adult dogs just as older dogs have different dietary needs. You may find certain food is making your dog very slow and laconic; this many times is a symptom of not using the right food. You can get advice on what types of food will be best for your dog from your veterinarian.

Good commercially made foods are formulated to work in your dog's digestive tract. Certain "people" food is just to rich for dogs and they cannot keep it down. Additionally some foods, such as chocolate, are actually poisonous to dogs. If you have regularly fed your dog "people" food from a young age then it will be very difficult to get the dog to eat commercial food. Dogs that were brought up on canned or bagged food will not have a problem though dogs still like their food to taste good. If it isn't tasty then they won't eat it.

All dry dog food should be stored in an airtight container. This seals in the aromas as well as keeping any bugs out of the food. If you leave a serving of dry food out, it will not spoil, but it may attract ants and other bugs or rodents. To keep canned food fresh you should cover and store it in your refrigerator. If it is left out it will attract flies and become stale. When feeding your dog the bowl should be on an easy to clean surface as you want to keep the dog bowl and feeding area as clean as possible. Dog bowls tend to be constructed of metal, ceramic and plastic.

Just as humans need certain foods so do dogs, but they have different nutritional requirements. Dogs need protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to survive. Dogs do not actually need carbohydrates to survive but they are not true carnivores and cannot live on protein alone. In order to get a good nutritional balance dogs need a combination of protein, vegetables and cereals and dog food incorporates these into the dog food at varying percentages.

Pet food can be costly, particularly if you are purchasing premium brands. However there are enough types of dog foods available that you should be able to find a dog food that you dog like and that isn't to hard on your wallet. It is important to keep your dog as healthy as possible and feeding your dog the right dog food is an important part of their health.

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