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Invader Zim Gir in Dog Suit Rub-On Sticker (White)

Vinyl Rub Ons for windows, cars, etc. White has white lines and is best for tinted windows or dark surfaces. Actual Rub On approx. 6".

You have a dog that has a lot of fur you probably have been to the pet store quite a few times to find the perfect solution to end your shedding problems.

On the market you can find food that claims to eliminate shedding, shampoos and conditioners. You undoubtedly have purchased multiple varieties of grooming tools that each promise to work wonders. Many of these do work fairly well, however, for the dogs with the extra thick coat that includes an undercoat you have your work cut out for you.

These types of dogs, especially if kept inside will shed continually all year long. The problem is that if you brush them from the top you will remove a small portion of loose hair but what is really causing the shedding problem is the undercoat which you do not really see.

As your dogs body tries to determine whether it is changing seasons outside because he is subjected to cold and hot conditions when he goes out to potty and the regulated temperature within the house is a medium range of temperatures, his undercoat is changing.

If it is winter but there is a slight warming effect, your dog may start to lose his heavy undercoat because he thinks the season is changing to warm.

This can be easily remedied. For dogs with heavy fur the rake type of dog grooming equipment works very well. As this combs through the dogs hair it reaches the undercoat and grabs the loose underlying layers and pulls them out from under their blanketed top layer.

Most of the time the dog will love this because it feels great. He may have been itching before due to the excess hair loss and this will relieve that itchiness.

Be prepared if you have a dog that has long thick hair your grooming area will be covered by hair. It will be enough to cover another dog. I always recommend doing this in an area that is easy to clean or going outdoors.

In any case if you can do this daily the shedding will almost seem to disappear.

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Lesa Bolt is a contributor to dog shedding issues

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